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Edward Richardson

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Strategic Consulting
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  • Online Sales & Marketing

  • Culture & Brand Identity

  • Opportunity Recognition

  • Crowdfunding/Fundraising

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Content Creation
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  • Blogging & Copywriting

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Inspirational Speaking
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Skills & Experience

I serve as a Marketing Consultant, Public SpeakerOrdained Minister and founder of Expansive.Life. I've also worked as a Banker, Teacher, Farmer, Business Manager, Cook, Salesman and more.

I have a BA in Marketing Information and Technology from Portland State University, a Computer Aid Design certificate from Portland Community College, and a Culinary Arts certificate from the Cascade Culinary Institute. 


I studied Business, Language and Culture at East China Normal University in Shanghai. I've completed several marketing, leadership and personal development programs and have also studied economics, ecology, psychology, spirituality, blockchain technology, alternative history, music and videography.

I speak conversational Mandarin and a bit of Japanese. In total I've spent more than two years in Asia.




















Personal Fulfillment:

I strive to experience personal growth and fulfillment in every area of life: Mind, Body, Soul, People, Purpose and Place. When I care for myself I am best prepared to serve others.


I take pride in helping others. I am an experienced volunteer and a good samaritan. I believe that Altruism is not just about helping others but also a solid strategy for increasing my own sense of joy and fulfillment.


I honor my word and my commitments. I am open and honest in all my endeavors. My commitment to integrity is also a form of accountability which forces me to preform at a higher level.


I believe that diversity is essential for our ecosphere, societies and personal lives. It is not just the spice of life, it is the essence of life. I celebrate diversity. 


I know that collaboration is a sure way to add value to the lives of others and to reach my own highest potentials. I welcome and create opportunities to co-create value.

Conscious Capitalism:

I practice and advocate for conscious capitalism - from both the corporate and consumer sides - because I believe that our people and planet are even more important than profits. 


I celebrate life and in doing so I am inspired to enrich it. The work I do is extremely important yet I choose to do it in joy. Life is an amazing mystery. I celebrate the journey.



Enthusiast (Enneagram of Personality)

“Enneagram Sevens (Enthusiasts) have the motivational need to experience life to the fullest and avoid pain. Sevens value a sense of freedom and focus on optimism, being inspired and taking opportunities as they present themselves. Sevens approach life as an adventure and appreciate being playful and spontaneous. At their best, others will experience Sevens as content and serene, when they are able to embrace sobriety and become present to themselves and the world around them. At a less healthy level, others may experience Sevens as impulsive, uncommitted and unfocused as they are distracted by their insatiable search for fulfillment and a fear of missing out.”  -  integrative9.com

I love theories of personality and Enneagram is the most powerful and accurate one I’ve ever discovered. I was brought to tears the first time I read a description of The Enthusiast (alternatively referred to as “Enthusiastic Visionary,” “Epicure” or simply “7”). I’d never had anyone - yet alone someone I’ve never met - so accurately describe and understand me. Each type represents much more than just a list of traits. Enneagram addresses the the core fears and motivations of each type and accepts transcendence (as opposed to compliance) as the end goal. 


Some of my favorite Enneagram Sevens include Joseph Campbell, Richard Branson, Magic Johnson and Jim Carrey.  


“Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields ... Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do.”  - Wikipedia

“Multipotentialite” is similar to the words “polymath” or “renaissance-person” but focuses on the individuals nature whereas the others focus on ones accomplishments.  

As a boy well intentioned individuals (who didn’t understand me, or that people like me even exist) taught me that the key to vocational success is to pick one thing and get really good at it. I choose cooking. Even as a child I was a good cook and loved to create my own recipes so it was a natural fit. 

After a few year in the industry I got burnt out. I held on as long as I could but eventually my passion turned to contempt. I quit my job and even refused to cook at home for many years. 


Momentary purposelessness contributed to my first bout of depression. Once I got out of it I fell in love with design. Then sales. Then banking. Then ecology. Then …  I resisted these wild, unplanned career changes for as long as possible but eventually my new passion would take over. Once I embraced this passion I’d feel like I finally found my “calling” only to have it supplanted by the next.  


Approaching undergraduate graduation - which thanks to a couple terms taken off to reassess and several changes of major I managed to stretch out to 6 years! - I was desperate to find my “one true calling.”I knew I wanted to be an Entrepreneur but what type? I bought a massive, 500-page workbook called What Business Should I Start and diligently completed every exercise. In the end though, I was even more confused. I now wanted to stared business in 6 different industries, simultaneously. 


Later that same week I attended an event hosted by Puttylike I was introduced to the word “multipotentialite” and an entire community of people who identify with this title. Ever since I have strived to embrace my evolving passions and give myself permission to move from one interest to the next. This has allowed me grasps the fundamentals of multiple discipline and make connects between them that specialists might overlook. 


"Dreamer: one that dreams. 2: one who lives in a world of fancy and imagination." 

- Merriam-Webster

“You may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one” - John Lennon

I’ve always had a fanciful imagination and often dream of “all the people sharing all the world.” I was a bit of an indigo child; a “special boy.” My parents, neighbors, teacher and strangers often told me so. Compassion came easily and I had a knack for asking questions even adults couldn’t answer. I grew up believing I am meant to do something big to make a positive difference in the world. 


I’ve also always been a dreamer in the literal sense. Most nights I remember at least one dream and have had countless lucid dreams. I’ve even had several profound dream-state experiences including Yoga Nidra (maintaining consciousness throughout the entire sleep cycle), out of body experiences and spiritual visitations. 

The INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is often nicknamed "The Dreamer." Even though I am generally Extroverted and really not a fan of MBTI (it's too trait focused and I find that several of the types partially describe my personality but none of them fully do), I find part of this description accurate: 


"Dreamers ... are idealistic and deeply sensitive. They are characterized by their loyal and gentle nature. Beneath their easygoing disposition runs a fixed passion for the causes they believe in and the people they care for."   



I was born May 8th, 1984 to Edward Hayes Richardson and Janet Marie Bruce of Crooked River Ranch, Oregon. 


My father grew up in the Bronx. Both his parent where alcoholics and he took to the streets early. He was a hustler, dealer, scammer, burglar and probably worse! Eddie also had a big heart, was an effortless entertainer and an endless adventurer. He attended Wood Stock and listening to everything from the Beatles to 50 Cent. I recently learned he played drums in a band once too! (In 2008 my father died from "too many shots of heroine in his gut" )


My mom was born in Spokane, Washington to a middle class Catholic family with four kids. Her father was a mechanic. Her mother was a nurse. They owned a lake cabin where the family swam in the summer and skated in the winter. Janet is grounded, spiritual and loves Native American culture. She’s a true giver. Cool too. (My mom lives in Redmond, Oregon, my home town).


My parents met in Spokane. Eddie came to the West to “help a friend move” … drugs (we later found out). They fell in love and bought a 950 sq. ft. home on 5 acres. My dad put down $10,000 in cold-hard-cash, straight from the freezer! They started a family.



In the summer of 2017, in the throws of depression, I pulled this book out of a heap of trash: 

5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?

It was a little battered but unused. 5 is an easy fun read. It has no chapters or narrative arch. It's simply a collection of interesting ideas, thought provoking questions and inspiring quotes. I read it causally and took notes. Then on October 1st (the day before my mother's 70th birthday) I set these 5 year goal:

By October 1st, 2022 I will:


Be in the best shape of my life. I will run farther and faster. Lift heaver and stretch deeper. I will set PRs in the 100 meeter dash (12.2), the mile (5:45), 10K (49:45), pull-ups (20), bench (250), squats (325) and deadlifts (405). I will place my hands flat on the floor in froward-bend, comfortable do a full supine spinal twist and sit in half lotus both directions.    


Generate more than $10,000 in passive income every month. I will develop an assortment of businesses and investments that generate at least $10,000 in cashflow every month. These income sources will be automated and managed by others so that once they are established they require little to no effort on my behalf.    


Own a beautiful home overlooking the Cascade Mountains in central Oregon. It will be located on a small permaculture and aquaponic farm that mixes traditional and exotic crops. It will serve as my central Oregon residence and will be offered out as an bed and breakfast most of the year while I travel and live abroad. It will be large enough to host 100-person events and we will hold my mom’s 75 Birthday bash there. 


Consistently Inspire more than 1,000,000 subscribers. My team and I will produce a continues stream of videos, articles and other media which consistently inspire more than one-million subscribers across platforms. These platforms include my blog, newsletter, Instagram, YouTube and emerging media sources in VR and on the blockchain.   


Marry my ideal life partner. My ideal life partner is a beautiful singer-songwriter-musician. She is multicultural and bilingual (she speaks English, Mandarin and possible more). She is fit and has long black hair. She is beautiful, sophisticated and elegant.  She shares my values, my love of adventure and travel and is fully supportive of my work. We will often work together building businesses and sharing the stage. 

Goal journaling is now part of my morning ritual. After meditation, in the margins of 5, I write out my goals both in short and long form. As I do this I visualize myself accomplishing my goals and allow myself to experience what it feels like once I have. This process is not only The more I do this the more I impress my goals upon my subconscious mind and transform myself into the man I need to be to make them real. 

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