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From Failure to Success: Create a Vision so Powerful it Feels Like a Dream | Barry Dennis

Learn the coolest trick I've ever heard for effectively visualizing and obtaining your goals. Discover how to decide if it worth restarting a failed project or if you would be better off starting something new. 


Barry Dennis is an excellent musician, author, and the best public speaker I’ve ever heard! He’s also one of my best friends, a mentor and a former roommate. His advice is legendary so let’s ask him:


Barry, what advice do you to have about restarting a failed project or goal?

  • First, get clear on why it was dropped in the first place and that you are wholeheartedly committed this time.

  • You can exchange your time and energy for anything we want to create so make sure that this is still what you really want.

  • Ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”

  • Don’t be distracted by an old idea when you could be something new. 

  • Do you really want to do this or are you avoiding something you really should be doing?

  • Once you know what you really want to do, the same advice applies whether it an old idea or a new idea.

  • Create real clarity. Real vision.

  • Get excited and emotionally committed to your goal

  • What we get excited about in our hearts and in our minds is what we do.

  • If you are excited about something, you can’t not do it.

  • Experience your vision every day like you experience a dream. When you dream, it feels real, it feels like you are really there.

  • Write your goal down. Revisit it every day and it will enter your subconscious mind.

  • You want your vision to run through your blood. Your heart should pond when you think about it. You should be excited every day. 





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