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Learn to Rap (6 Months Later)

Six months ago, at the age of 34, I decided to learn to rap. To document my starting point I uploaded my first rap video and picked up 14 views! 6 Months later, how much have I grown?

How much will I grow in the next 6 months? 6 years? 60 years? It's never too late to learn something new. What opportunities will hip-hop create for me in the future? I'm determined to find out!

Own Light (What Hearts Are For) by Brother Ali is one of my favorite songs!

Check out the original:


You're not using your heart for

What hearts are for


They've been trying to shut us down our whole life

I thank God for healing

You ain't got to get me lit, I got my own light

Thank God for listening, listen

You've been trying to build me up my whole life

I thank God for building

You ain't got to get me lit, I got my own light

I thank God I'm living

[Verse 1]

Sometimes I feel like a stranger, maybe I ain't from here

World going crazy, how could that be unclear?

Know that I'm a soldier, heart's are my battleground

Sword in the holster, had to come back around

I ain't trying to hide away, I just had to meditate

I ain't got a lot to say but the ancestors may

Speaking to the whole globe, numbers don't occur to me

You can listen solo 'cause you're the whole world to me

I jump in with both feet nothing low key

You can find me where I'm s'posed be, where my folks be

If you listen very closely you know who chose me

Nothing that I own owns me and so I'm so free

I remember being hungry needing groceries

Nighttime getting no sleep 'til my nose bleed

Got a message to the police: You're not using your heart for what hearts are for


[Verse 2]

Not for one second I believe what you're telling me

I know you invented disease and sell the remedy

Universe is sending me centuries of memories

So the very breath that I breathe is all I ever need

I got that Muhammad Ali up in my pedigree

Yes I be speaking my peace up in my seventies

Ain't worry bout ya threatening me, I'm just being honest

I ain't buying fear just because it's all you got left

We just want to make love 'til we wake up

I believe whoever made us envisioned greatness

And you know they want to paint us with the same brush

Wanna interchain us 'til we fill our grave up

Alright okay but when it's all said and it's all done

And I look back at the trophies I won I will only count one

I'm using my heart for what hearts are for


[Verse 3] (Not song in this video)

And I know who I am I know whose I am

On your wings, I fly And in your shoes, I stand

I'm animated by love, I don't move by chance

Any stage I touch or any place I stand

There y'all land, living in the world as it is

Cracked vessel, I am no more and no less than a man

Any po-sessions that I have are just in my hand

I'm balancing the best that I can

I'm not making no claims but I'm using my heart for what hearts are for

All the beauty in this whole life


Use Your Heart for What Hearts are for! <3

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