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"My Brother Taught Me..." Inspiring Hip-Hop Cover

Original by Funky DL. I do not own the rights to this music.



My Brother taught me...

(Verse One)

My brother taught me, be an eagle in the sky, see things from afar

Don’t get too close before you find out where you are

Like a curious rodent getting caught by a viper snake

Don’t wanna rub shoulders with anyone, there’s all type of snakes

My brother taught me to enhance the lives of others

You don’t wanna be the type of person people run for cover from

If you can’t bring something beneficial

Then there is absolutely no point in handing out your issues

My brother taught me, never get in a fight

Unless it’s push come to shove and you defending your life

'Cos it’s too easy to die in a world that’s so violent

So I step like these people don’t see me, I’m ultraviolet

My brother taught me I should learn from observation

It’s either that or learning the hard way in situations

You never need to do everything to know the outcome

So even though I rhyme I use my eyes more than my mouth runs


These are the things my brother taught me, helped to support me

'Cos they informed me, sent his wisdom towards me

And I'm a little older now and living lower down

Carrying the world on my shoulders now

(Verse Two)

My brother taught me, to honor those who came before me

Even if someone upset me and I feel defamatory

'Cos there’s something bout’ a person with age to be respected

And the elders sacrificed so much so we can be protected, yo’

My brother taught me to never go backwards

Forgiving and forgetting ain’t the same, his exact words

You can forgive a wrong if there’s remorse and there’s admission

But you never ever put yourself back in the same position

My brother taught me when you are decision making

Track record is an invaluable indication

When you wanna know the future, you can look towards the past

Especially when all you have is this to make a forecast

My brother taught me a lot, so I am grateful

And try to return the favor at times when he’s unstable

I love him in a way that’s far removed from Cain and Abel

From the cradle to the grave, from the grave to the cradle


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