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Regenerate, Review and Recommit | Life Lessons from a Leader of Leaders (Larry Dennis)

Discover how to regenerate enthusiasm and commitment to your goals and how you can get others to help you achieve your goals by helping them to do the same.


Larry Dennis is the founder and president of Turbo Leadership Systems a company that has taught thousands of leaders how to increase their enthusiasm, self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills. Nearly ten years ago, I recognized Larry as someone I aspire to be like, so I took him to lunch and ask him to be my mentor. This started a lifelong relationship between us that spans both the personal and the professional. Larry is a master teacher and an expert on setting and achieving goals.


What advice do you have for someone who set a goal they were excited about but failed to bring it to completion?

  • Setting goals and then running out of energy is one of the biggest challenges any of us have. We run into obstacles, get distracted, and lose sight of the end objective and the feeling we had when setting that goal.

  • Successful people have found a way to regenerate, to experience renewal and commitment.

  • Do this by revisiting what you originally hoped to gain. Why did I want to do that in the first place? Is it really important?

  • Then give yourself credit for what you have accomplished. How did I do it?

  • Find a Support Person or a Mastermind group of people that will check in on you to hold you accountable.

  • As a support person, you can’t give them permission to fail. Ask "Is this goal still important to you?"

  • If “Yes.” ask “What's your plan?"

  • If “No.’ ask “What's your new goal?"


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