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My Father's Spirit Visited Me in a Lucid Dream.

Do you believe that some dreams are actually more than dreams? I do. Listen to this story and let's see if you agree.

A few days after my dad passed I had a dream. At some point the dream cut and I found myself in a new dream (a dream within a dream) and I was telling my dad about the dream I just had, not realizing that in fact I was still dreaming.

Eventually though I realized I was dreaming. My dream became lucid. I laid on my father's chest like I was a young boy and we healed our relationship. I forgave him for not having been a better father.

Then he vanished and I lost it. I tried to bring him back. I was dreaming after all and once we realizing we are dreaming we can usually control our dreams but this time I couldn't. Once I gave up, he was there. A bright light was glowing from within him. I felt his peace. He said goodby and I watched him vanish into a brilliant light. It was beautiful.

This video was shot at Ta Prohm & Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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