Service to Others is my Greatest Joy!

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  • Blogging & Copywriting

  • Videography

  • Interviewing & Podcasting

  • Social Media

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  • Online Sales & Marketing

  • Leadership Training

  • Crowdfunding / Fundraising

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  • Inspirational Speeches

  • Keynote Addresses

  • Spiritual Sermons and Weddings

  • Event Hosting​

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What I do?

I help you authentically connect with your ideal audience by creating persuasive and engaging multi-media content. 


I’m a skilled creative and persuasive writer and speaker. I write entertaining and educational copy for websites, newsletters, blogs, social media, print media and more. I've produced more than 100 videos for vlogs, video ads, and educational purposes. I'm also an experienced podcast host! In addition, I have experience in photography, design, search and banner advertising, and of course, social media!

What You Get?
  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Website & Landing Page Copy

  • Newsletter & Sales Email Copy 

  • Blog Videos & Articles

  • Info & Promo Videos

  • Podcast Episodes

  • Social Media Content

  • Social Media Ads

  • Search & Banner Ads

  • Lead Generation Magnets

  • Media Publication Calendar

What You Really Get?

Deep, authentic connections with your audience that create life-long relationships. 


Strategic Consulting

What I do?

I help you recognize valuable opportunities, set strategic goals and develop winning strategies so that you can excel in business and life. 


I’m an expert in online branding, sales and marketing strategy, newsletter, blog and social media management, leadership development, and entrepreneurship as a means to personal fulfillment. I also have experience in web design and development, podcasting, video production, crowdfunding, SEO, and much more.

What You Get?
  • ​Opportunity Recognition

  • Strategic Goal Setting

  • Online Marketing Strategy

  • Web. Dev. Strategy

  • Culture & Brand Identity

  • Sales Funnels

  • Lead Generation Magnets

  • Content Production

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Crowdfunding/Fundraising

  • Future & Scenario Planning

  • Leadership Training

  • Personal Coaching 

What You Really Get?

Clarity of objectives and means to achieve your goals.



What I do?

I host events that entertain, educate and inspire you and your people. 


I've spoken at businesses, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, marketing events, and leadership training programs in the US and China. I'm also an ordained non-denominational minister and have done 2 weddings!

What You Get?
  • ​Inspirational Speach

  • Keynote Adress

  • Leadership Training

  • Marketing Training

  • Spiritual Services

  • Ordained Weddings

  • Special Events

  • Inspiring Hip-hop Music (coming soon)

What You Really Get?

A life-changing event that inspires you and your people to greater levels of happiness and success.


My Clients

Leaders and Changemakers!

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