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Outwitting The Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

In 1938, Napoleon Hill - AKA “The Maker of Millionaires” - the best selling personal success author of all-time, formed a Mastermind with his wife in which they forced the Devil to confess exactly how he tricks the great majority of people to drift through life, never shaping their own destiny, or achieving even a fraction of their potential.

What resulted from Hill’s thought experiment was a manuscript for a book that would prove too controversial to be publish at that time. In fact, Outwitting the Devil went unpublished until 2011, more than 70 years after it was written!

A mentor of mine recently gave me a copy of this book. It made such an impact on me that I’ve decided to share with you The 6 most important lessons I took from Outwitting the Devil:

1. Failure and Depression: Everyone fails. Failure teaches us important lessons and gives us the opportunity to reassess and redirect our energies.

"Failure... is never real until it has been accepted by man as permanent.” - Napoleon Hill

2. The Other Self: The"other self" is also known as"intuition"or "the higher self.” Instructions given from the "other self" are"readily distinguishable" from ordinary self-created thoughts. When you receive an intuitive thought, trust it and take the first step towards the attainment of your goal. The next step will be revealed.

"Weak plans have a way of becoming strong if definitely applied.” - Napoleon Hill

3. Service and Success: You will achieve success by helping others become successful. Make others happy, and you will be happy too. No matter how dire your circumstances are, there is always someone who is worse off than you and in need of your help.

"Overcome... difficulties by forgetting them for the time and helping others who have greater problems.” - Napoleon Hill

4. Careful Associations: Choose your associations wisely. Your character, and the results you

achieve in life are largely determined by the people you associate with most. If someone is not helping you become the best version of yourself, and be of the greatest service to others, then distance yourself from them.

"Nothing contributes more to one's success and happiness than carefully chosen associates.” - Napoleon Hill

5. Hero Worship: By studying great men and women, and imagining yourself in association with them, you can voluntarily reshape your character and become like the heroes you worship.

"The next best thing to being truly great is to emulate the great.” - Napoleon Hill

6. Hypotonic Rhythm: Be diligent about the habits you create because the longer you keep a habit - good or bad - the harder it becomes to break. First, you shape your habits. Then your habits shape you.

"Rhythm is the last stage of habit!” - Napoleon Hill

I hope you enjoyed my 6 key lessons from Outwitting The Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill. Apply what you have learned here and outwit the devil in your own life. 😇

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