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About Lennon

Hi. I’m Lennon and welcome to Lennon.Life! 


I’m a digital entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, marketing consultant, life coach, world traveler, and aspiring hip-hop artist. I’m obsessed with living the most amazing life possible and helping others do the same.


I founded Lennon.Life to help you experience growth and fulfillment in every area of life: Body, Mind, Soul, Relationships, Vocation, and Environment.

In order to live truly extraordinary lives, we must excel in all six of these areas. Living a limitless life is also the key to changing the world. When we do, we empower and inspire others to do the same. This has a ripple effect that will usher in an age of greater consciousness and wellbeing here on planet Earth and beyond.


I’m committed to helping you understand and improve every area of your life so that you can have, do and be everything you desire.

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I have been blessed to learn and achieve a lot so far in my life. I’ve also had some setbacks and am still working on manifesting the life of my dreams. Despite my failures, I’ve taken it upon myself to help others create the lives of their dreams. I recognize that it is only through service to others that I am able to achieve my own goals.


Therefore I am committed to helping you. Whether that be helping you overcome depression, increase your motivation and self-confidence, start and grow your own business, or deepen your spiritual practices.


My mission is to help you unlock your limitless potential and achieve the life of your dreams. It is my honor, for in doing so I also create the life of my dreams.


On this website, I openly and passionately share the very best philosophies, strategies, tools, and resources I discover which help me achieve my goals and live an absolutely amazing life. I also vulnerably share my failures so that you can learn from and avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made. 


I’m here to help.


Experience Growth & Fulfillment in Every Area of Life

I'm on a quest to master every area of my life: Body, Mind, Soul, Environment, Relationships, ​and Vocation.


My mission is to inspire and teach you to do the same.


Each area of life is connected to and affects every other area. Having strong relationships with the right PEOPLE, for example, opens up opportunities for you in every other area of life. 

The opposite is true too. If you struggle in one area, say BODY, then you will not have the health and energy needed to excel in other areas. 

This is why it is important to strive for excellence in every area of life:


BODY. The most fundamental area of life. Without it nothing else is possible. There are three primary human motivations in this area: Health, Fitness & Attractiveness  


MIND. This area includes mental skills, knowledge, wisdom, and memory. As well as emotional-awareness, self-image, and mental health.


SOUL. The seat of our character and the very essence of our life. The spiritual or immaterial part of ourselves beyond our bodies and minds.

BODY, MIND & SOUL encompass who you are as an INDIVIDUAL.


Whereas PLACE, PEOPLE, and PURPOSE represent your role in the COLLECTIVE.

BODY and PLACE are the two most fundamental areas of life because they deal directly with your safety and SURVIVAL needs.


SELF-ACTUALIZATION signifies your need to understand and realize your full potential in life. The SOUL area of life is the inward quest for self-actualization and PURPOSE is your external expression of this.

Every area of life is important but different areas take precedence depending on your circumstances. 

Identify which area of your life can yield the greatest overall return for your investment of time and energy. 


PLACE. Our surroundings and everything in it. This area of life is all about sensory stimuli. It includes everything we hear, see, smell, taste and touch in our environment.


PEOPLE. All of our relationships: personal, professional or otherwise. This includes the strength of our relationships and the influence they have upon us.


PURPOSE. The value we create and receive as a result of the work we do in the world. Our work might be our vocation, schooling or the role we play in our family or group.

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limitless life
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My Comeback Story

In 2016 I went from traveling the world with my beautiful girlfriend, making money doing work that I loved, hanging with fellow travelers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers, staying in shape and meditating daily … to living with my mother, working dead-end jobs, hanging with slackers, getting stoned, playing video games and watching porn.


Why did my life change so drastically in a matter of months? In a word, depression. 


It seemed to come out of nowhere but only because I repressed feelings of sadness for years. Until one day I could no longer contain them. My life spiraled out of control and I fell further and further into depression.

2017 was the worst year of my life.

In 2018 I finally forgave myself for feeling depressed and accepted that depression was causing me to act out of character. This was my turning point.


I continued to act up and did many things I wish I wouldn't have, but I stopped beating myself up for it. I released feelings of shame and kept trying to better myself no matter how many times I failed. 


In mid-2018 I moved back to Portland where I once thrived and started rebuilding my life. I reconnected with old friends from my business and spiritual circles. I also gave myself permission to pursue my long-oppressed desire to learn to rap and sing. I took voice lessons and become positively obsessed with discovering inspiring music.

2019 had its ups and downs. My mother with dementia moved in so that I could care for her. It's the most difficult challenge I've ever faced! I fell in and out of destructive habits throughout the year. But I also got back in good shape, reignited my quest to master Mandarin Chinese, and started doing meaningful work again.

Now in 2020, I’m stronger than ever and am determined to use my moment of hardship to help others who might be dealing with similar struggles in their lives.​ fitness update dec. 2019

December 2019 


My Life Manifesto

I will live a truly amazing life.

I will experience personal growth and fulfillment in every area of my life and help others to do the same.

I will get in amazing shape, stay sexy, fit and healthy throughout my entire life, and live to be 120 years old.


I will overcome hardship, addiction and depression and experience clarity, peace, and happiness daily.


I will surround myself with people and environments that uplift me and inspire me towards greatness. 


I will fall in love with my soulmate, be an excellent partner and an amazing parent.


I will do meaningful work I love, serve others and create financial freedom.


I will make beautiful music, learn foreign languages and travel the world.


I will obtain enlightenment.


I will change the world and leave behind an amazing legacy.

Ready to Live a Limitless Life?

A Limitless Life is one in which you experience growth and fulfillment in every area of your life: Mind, Body, Soul, Environment, Relationships, and Vocation.

To do this, you must maximize the value of your precious, limited time. This is no small task. There are millions of ways in which you can spend your time and unfortunately, most choices do not lead to health, happiness, prosperity or success.

Life is complicated!

Having reliable maps has helped me understand and navigate life better. I’ve drawn inspiration from and experimented with life theories for more than a decade now. Over the years I’ve refined and integrated the most important elements of each theory into a comprehensive model of my own life. I call it the Limitless Life Tool.


This tool has added so much value to my personal experience that I now feel compelled to share it with you, for FREE!

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My Limitless Life Tool will help you:
  • Understand the six key areas of your life and their interrelations.
  • Score and assess each area of your life.
  • Discover how to invest your time for maximum growth and fulfillment.  
  • Set smart and meaningful goals. 
  • Organize your time and increase your productivity.
  • Record your progress, learn from your past and remember your success.
  • Accomplish your objectives and manifest the life of your dreams.
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