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2018’s Most Inspiring Music: The Playlist to My Transformation!

2018 was the year that music moved into the forefront of my life. I started taking voice lessons and preformed hip-hop live, twice. I got Spotify Premium (Thanks bro! You where right. It's the best $10 per month I've ever spent!) and listened to 100,000-minuets of music! That's an average of 4.5 hours per day and it doesn't include time I spend listening to music on the radio or YouTube.

2018 was also the year I got my life back on track. I moved back to Portland, Oregon. Broke my depression. Got back in shape. Reestablished myself as a professional marketer. And music played a big role in all of this.

Here are some of the new songs that powered my transformation. (Listen to individual tracks below or play the entire playlist on Spotify or YouTube.)

Happy by AREA21

I searched "Happy" looking for that Pharrell song but this track played on accident instead. What a blessing! This song is great. It's also one of the 1st songs I learned to rap.

Feel It by Jain

Jain is a mega star in my eyes. Her music is always uplifting and very unique. She's put out two albums so far and both are outstanding!

House of the Sun by Rob Riccardo

Singer-songwriter album of the year? I think so. It was hard for me to pick my favorite so if you like this track check out the rest of the album.

Free (ft. Justin Chittams) by Satsang

"Satsang" means a scared or spiritual gathering and it's a great name for this band. This Jazzy, Hip-hop track is quite different than their other stuff and I love it!

Take Flight (ft. Zion I, 9 Theory, Agape, & Openoptics) by Malakai

Chill, smooth, electronic driven, spiritual hip-hop This album has several other good tracks with lots of inspiring guests. If you like this one also check out Beautiful Design.

It Gets Better (With Time) by The Internet

Wow! Can a man's voice get any sweeter? I don't enjoy everything this chill RnB group puts out but I've fallen in love with this track. I like to play this one on repeat.

愛就愛吧 (Just Love) by 許茹芸 (Valen Hsu)

Translation: Love is just love. Use courage to express yourself... This is my favorite Mandarin song of the year! It's actually a remake of a classic which you can hear a bit of in the intro.

Be Somebody by Brett Dennen

This song give me hope that true love is still possible for me. I'm learning to sign and when I meet her I will sing her this one. I'm honestly getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.

You’re Not The Only One (Redemption Song) by Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham is awesome! His new album doesn't quite live up to his last, but how could it? None the less, this track is awesome and one of my favorites. The video is very touching too.

Circle Of Peace by Ziggy Marley

My favorite son of the legendary Bob is back. There are several good tracks on Ziggy's new album but this one is my favorite.

One Day (ft. Ryan Tedder) by Logic

Damn! That dude can rap. And he seems like a pretty cool, loving dude too. There are several good tracks on Logic's 2018 album but this one might be the best.

BIG LOVE by The Black Eyed Peas

"Where is the Love?" off BEP's Elephunk (2003) album is still there most popular song on Spotify. This track however, is even better! New album reminds me of their old stuff!

Have It All by Jason Mraz

I am so glad that Mraz got a pep in his step again. This album doesn't quite have the energy of his early stuff but it still might be his best album yet. I saved most of his new tracks.

A Million Dollars A Day by Aloe Blacc

I thought this song was ok at first but it has really grown on me. Remember when Aloe Blacc was signing "I need a dollar, dollar, dollar that's all I need."? He has bigger goals now.

Red Road Soul by Tubby Love

I'll admit it. I cried the first time I watched this video... and just now watching it again. I want what they have so bad. What an awesome couple.

Dreamers by K.Flay

"The only thing to fear is never being scared." This chick is rad! Part rock, part hip-hop, all awesome.

Solar Plexus (ft. Proda) by OSHUN

I love this song because it reminds me to the time my heart chakra burst open into a kaleidoscope of colors. True story. Colors is also the name of this cool YT channel.

I Ain't Done by Andy Mineo

"As long as there is breath in my lungs, I an't done." This is absolutely one of my favorite songs to workout to. Both of Andy's 2018 EP are very nice.

Rise Up (ft. Nelson Mandela) by Stargate

Dance Music + Nelson Mandela? Oh yeah! This seem like a nice song to go out on.


Above is only a sample of the amazing music that I listen to. If you'd like to discover more of the positive, spiritual, loving and upbeat music that powers my life, follow me on Spotify and check out the dozens of other awesome playlists I've created.

Comment and let me know which track is your favorite. Also, I'd love for you to share some of the music that inspires you too.


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