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Face Your Fear of Failure: An OG’s Advice on Overcome Obstacles

In this inspiring interview, you’ll learn how to not be affected by failure and let setbacks run off your back like water off a duck. You will also learn about a specific type of Vision Board called a Life Cycle and how Garry used one to accomplish everything on it in under 3 years. 


Garry immigrated from a poor family in Germany to the US when he was 18 and later went on to build a successful networking marketing organization with 250 people in is down line. He did this while work more than full time at his regular job too. 

Now retired, Garry has opened up his heart and his home to those in need. 

We first met a few years ago when I was flat broke and depressed. Garry gave me a place to live and let me work off rent around the home until I was able to get back on my feet again. When my mother needed extra help with her dementia, he let her move in too! We currently rent the upstairs of his home and he continues to be of major service to us both, as well as many others in our community. 

Garry empowered me to pursue my dreams again and now I’d like him to share his wisdom with you too. 


Q: Garry, what advice to have about overcoming obstacles and achieve your goals? 

  • There will always be things that slow you down and distract you when you are trying to achieve your goal.

  • Make sure your goal is really what you want and go for it. 

  • Use a Life Cycle

Q: What is a Life Cycle and why is it important?

  • A Life Cycle is like a Vision Board with place room for the next 3 years. 

  • A Life Cycle Vision Board will help you stay focused.

  • Garry accomplished everything on his Life Cycle in less than 3 years. 

Q: Did you ever ask yourself “What’s the worst that could happen?” (Why is it important to do this?)

  • The worst that can happen is you don’t reach your goal. Can you live with that?

  • Success is all about having a goal and achieving it but realizing that you might fail. Even if you fail, you will survive.

  • Don’t take failure too seriously: 1 success makes up for 100 failures.

  • Remind yourself why the goal is important to you. Even if you don’t reach it, as long as you try and don’t give up, you are still successful.  

Q: Did you ever have a business fail?

  • No. I always listen to what others want and then gave it to them. 

  • Listen to others. Ask them questions to discover what they want and see if you can give them what they want. 

  • You have to have a goal that includes others as part of your goal. 

  • If it’s not working, give it a break, try something new.

Q: Final words of wisdom?    

  • Keep going. Don’t ever give up. 

  • Let the “Noes” run off you like water off a duck. 

  • It will hurt sometimes but stay focused on what you want and what others want and you will be successful. 

  • Even if you put things on pause you need to figure out what you will be working on. You always have to have a goal.

  • Garry believes he is a vessel for God.


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